Entry 111 – I went Ape!

At the weekend I took a little drive to Woburn with two friends and visited the safari park and Go Ape.

Have you ever been to Go Ape before?  If not you should it is great fun!


Go Ape is a tree top adventure which includes high ropes, tree top crossings, tunnels, bridges, tarzan swings, cargo nets and zip wires.


So we arrived and got into our harnesses (felt like some weird harness nappy) and had the safety demonstration.  I put myself forward as a volunteer for the demo.  The instructor showed us how to do it and made it look graceful and smooth.  I on the other hand thought yes I can do this in front of a group of people of whom I only know two.  Ha ha nice try Lisa.  I felt so shaky going across though he said I moved like a ballerina.  I told him sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.



I had been before so I knew what to expect and had a great time even if on all but one of the zip wires I ended up on my bum or back – not a graceful landing at all more of a land on my bum and get dragged through the mud and bark until I come to a stop.  Would probably explain why when I got back and showered there was mud and leaves everywhere including in my bra!


It is like a 2 hour workout, with laughing and giggling and in the wind a lot of tree swaying, which can make you nervous even though you are attached and cannot fall.


I would definitely recommend if you fancy something different and at places like Woburn you can then drive around the safari park and see the animals.  Not going to lie I am pretty pleased my bike racks are still in one piece on top of the car and not being played with by a mischievous little monkey!



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