Entry 127 – Mothers day at Base Jump

As yesterday was Mothers Day it was my choice what we did in the day and so I started the day with another session of hot yoga.  Some of the people in the session amaze me!  We had a move called the crow and it is basically balancing on your hands with your legs off the floor – yeah not happening for me I would have face planted for sure!  The squatting I was fine with down to the floor and back up again but my weight on my hands and just my hands – will be a long time before I master that I fear!

And so what to do after?  Well it was a simple – a visit to a new trampoline park near us called Base Jump.

Base Jump is the biggest trampoline park in the South East spread over 35,000 square feet. It includes:

  • two launch areas each with four trampolines and a higher level to jump from into either a foam pit or onto a giant air bag
  • basketball slam dunk
  • three dodgeball courts
  • a trampoline halfpipe
  • a huge freestyle jump area with 75 interlinked trampolines
  • a battle beam with giant joust poles
  • a soft play area for younger children
  • and my favourite – a ninja challenge area that included a climbing wall, monkey bars, ropes to swing across, metal swings with a beam to work your way across, all of which are above a foam pit.

Of course there are a lot of children there though we were a group of four adults.  With no shame.  This is the sort of place anyone can have fun!  And we did!


Now I am partial to an obstacle and so it surprised me that when I got to the top of the 2 metre high platform it took me a while to jump off (into a foam pit).  I couldn’t not do it with 3 friends waiting and several children aged anywhere from I guess age 4 upwards successfully launching themselves off it!  I managed it 3 times though not gracefully and not landing how I wanted to either but still.


The ninja challenge I loved!  And I successfully got across the climbing wall twice, which pleased me as I know there is something similar at a Spartan race I have next month and also because I had fallen off something similar at Nuclear – nailed it!


Of course they cater for children and parties but also offer teen sessions on Fridays from 8-10pm and adult sessions on Fridays from 10-12pm.  Coming soon they will also be offering fitness classes.

If you’ve not been then you should get down there as you will have an amazing time!  I will be going back some time very very soon!

Fun little fact I learned from their website too:

‘you burn more calories bouncing for 10 minutes than you do jogging for 30.  Studies show that just one hour of jumping on a trampoline burns over 1000 calories.  It’s the best cardio you will ever enjoy!’  

Who can argue with that?  What are you waiting for?



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