Entry 172 – This Girl Can at Base Jump

Recently I had the opportunity to arrange my first event for the This Girl Can campaign with the lovely people from Base Jump trampoline park in Rayleigh.  I was fortunate enough that loads of amazing ladies turned up and we had a class put on for us at the venue with an instructor from Fitness Essex.

I had been to Base Jump previously and knew how much fun it was so the prospect of mixing that with fitness seemed a great way to get a workout in and that was absolutely the case!  James from Fitness Essex (not Ben! I called this man Ben all evening and he let me, despite the fact that was not his name, which I now know #hidesfaceinshame) was amazing and genuinely interested in the campaign and getting women active.


There was about 40 of us in total and with the disco lights flashing and music on we soon got to it, each on a trampoline, with big smiles on our faces.  We were doing a Bounce Ex class and this included a range of moves on the trampolines though not all jumping, some were using the trampolines to do push ups and planks.  Bounce Ex is “a unique and extremely fun method of not only burning fat and getting fit, but to also have some serious fun!”  But let me tell you it was also hard work!

I am pleased to say that I am working with Base Jump to get this on their schedule as a regular class so if you are interested I would definitely recommend it – what’s not to love? Music, bouncing, fun, getting active and enjoying yourself all at the same time – winning situation!  Photos from the event can be found here.

Here is a video taken by a fellow ambassador, Laura Try, showing a little bit of the night:

There were also a number of fellow ambassadors take part and this also shows the essence of the campaign with women coming together!


Some fun facts from Base Jump – did you know:

  • You burn more calories bouncing for 10 minutes than you do jogging for 30.
  • Studies show that just one hour of jumping on a trampoline burns over 1000 calories.
  • Although trampolining provides an intense workout for the muscles and bones, the mat absorbs 80 per cent of the shock from the rebound. This absorption reduces the stress on bones and joints and minimizes the chance of injury. Over time, this can result in improved balance, co-ordination and posture.
  • Muscle tone and suppleness is improved and your body fat percentage is reduced by trampolining. Muscles are also strengthened and lengthened, which increases flexibility. Regular use of a trampoline can also help improve posture and general muscle health. Being an aerobic exercise, your circulation is greatly improved. As you jump, your muscles such as the calf contract, helping the heart push greater quantities of blood enriched with oxygen around the body.
  • Participating in activities at Base Jump regularly can help increase your body’s metabolic rate and its ability to burn calories more efficiently. Bouncing stimulates endorphins in the body, releasing a mood-enhancing chemical that produces a sense of well-being in the body. Active exercise helps overcome negativity and depression and can lead to a happier, more positive you.
  • It’s the best cardio you will ever enjoy!


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