Entry 158 – Mudd Queens Hit The PT Barn

At the weekend I signed myself up for a day of training with the amazing Mudd Queens and it took place on Nuclear Races ground at the PT Barn.


Now I’ve spoken before about Mudd Queens – they are an all female OCR network and the most positive and supportive group I think I have ever been part of.  Nuclear is one of my favourite places to spend the day and so I need say no more on that front.  The PT Barn I had not been to before and so was pretty excited.  I know Scotty, who runs the barn, and he is lovely but with one thing and another I had never been to the barn, but wanted to so this was perfect.  Their website says if you’re bored of conventional training then this is the place to try and it is true.

The day was structured so that it started with a class to develop skills in the barn, then a bootcamp session, then a team building session and then afternoon tea.

Now whilst I love OCRs I am the first to admit that without friends by my side there are some obstacles I will just not complete.  Scotty said something I can really relate to and something that is part of the reason I love Nuclear.  There are no egos and there is no shame in not being able to do something.  They have a real family feel and are really supportive and so much fun.  Scotty said everyone has their own goals and that could be to either compete or to complete.  I am the latter.  I do these to complete them.  That in itself is a challenge and I have great fun doing so and I am perfectly happy with that.  I also have huge respect for those that compete and think they are amazing too!

In the hour session in the barn I learned some techniques that I will use going forward at OCRs.  I managed to move across the monkey bars – usually I am pleased if I can just hang.  But I moved!  I actually moved across!  I also learned how to climb a rope – an actual rope.  If you see me any time this week I may tell you I can climb a rope.  Do me a favour and look impressed – thanks.


If you do get bored with conventional exercise – I do unless I have my good friend Emma telling me exactly what to do and how – the bootcamp with the lovely Tracey was great fun.  All outdoors, getting muddy.  In and out of ditches, using tyres – amazing!  I think there is an advert with Mo Farrah where he says if you have fun while working out it doesn’t seem like working out and its true!  The team work session was all outdoors with different obstacles, all whilst carrying someone on a stretcher.  Working together around a course as a team.

This was followed by afternoon tea in the PT Barn from Little Pinkie Vintage Afternoon Tea. Quite odd to see that place you had earlier been swinging across monkey bars and climbing ropes in have a long table with pretty china, tea pots and cakes laid out for us, once we’d cleaned the mud off of course.


Yet another amazing day with amazing ladies and amazing teachers!

I will be back to see Scotty and to the PT Barn and will let you know when and why in another blog post, watch this space…….

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