Entry 183 – Almost time for Spartan Beast

It’s less than two weeks until the Spartan Beast in Windsor and I’m excited and nervous in equal measure.

What have I been up to as part of my training for this event? Quite a lot as it happens.

I had a private training session with a group of friends at The PT Barn where I learned lots of techniques and managed to climb a six foot wall unaided!

I have taken part in both Nuclear Blast and Nuclear Blackout obstacle runs. Nuclear is always fun and a great place for trail running and obstacle practice too.

I also took part in Pukka Races Only Fools Ride Horses obstacle run and although I was slightly underwhelmed (sorry to say this) with this event it is still part of the training and laughs were had.

It’s strange as I’ve realised my biggest obstacle fear is anything you have to go up and over. I wouldn’t say I’m scared of heights so not sure the reason behind this but I do know there will be a slack line wall that I am not looking forward to at Spartan but I will NOT be doing burpees at this obstacle!

I’m now on day 20 of my burpee challenge and it’s safe to say I hate burpees. Does anyone actually like them? They are exhausting and I almost jump for joy when I get to a day that is planking instead! But as I’ve mentioned before a failed obstacle at Spartan results in 30 burpees so this is a necessary evil!

Are you going to be at Spartan Windsor? I know that the lovely Mudd Queens have their own wave and I look forward to seeing these awesome ladies on the day!

Whilst I’m harping on about Spartan I would like to say well done a friend, Andy, who has just been out to take part in the Spartan Champs in Andorra. In the run up there was snow to make an already tough course even tougher. He was amazing as I knew he would be – well done Andy!

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