Tough Mudder Half

Almost two months ago I took part in my first ever Tough Mudder event, the new 5k Run, with The PT Barn. I had a blast with these guys and so I was excited to go back for more.

I signed up with my friend Emma and we were heading to Henley to do the Tough Mudder half.

First off was the warm up and honestly there was part of me that just wanted to stay there as this guy was hilarious!

A warm up like no other with dancing, laughing, a sexy catwalk from a stag in a wedding dress, sexy noises and suggestive lunges. Warm up was the area to be!

Then on to the start where we all got on bended knee and with hand on heart repeated the Tough Mudder pledge.

Then we were off and soon learned this course was hilly. Hilly as hell! People were walking fairly early on, including us. Just after the hill we will run again, that was what we kept saying, until we realised it was just hill after hill so a run/walk strategy was adopted. They were going to make us work for those head bands!

We soon learned the half did one lap and the full did a second lap. Now I’m not a fan of laps and after the hills in the heat I think someone would have had to be truly convincing to get me to do a second lap. However, well done to those who did as there is now a piece of me that is gutted we did the half. Just means I need to go back later in the year for the full!

What did we miss by doing half and not the full? Arctic Enema and to be honest in the heat the water obstacles were a relief! Kong Infinity, the rig, Electric Shock – I’m sure there are others too and you can see the full list of obstacles here. We also missed out on Everest and Human Pyramid as there was just us there and between Emma and I we would get less then halfway up Human Pyramid! We did ask for the ropes that the elites had used but they had been taken off – another for us to do on the full.

Favourite obstacle? For me I love the water obstacles so Blockness Monster or Shaw Shank would be mine and were a lot of fun! Emma said at the time she liked the hero carry but that was because she got a piggy back the whole way! Her favourite was also Blockness Monster.

Ever fancied a Tough Mudder? Do it! So much fun and as the pledge says it’s not about time it’s about teamwork. The energy is fab, there’s music at some obstacles, great marshals and atmosphere, well signed and they feed you on route! (This was also one of Emma’s favourite parts ha ha!)

My race entry was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

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