Thanks 2019 – A Little Round Up

I said 2019 was going to be all about the bike and it most certainly was!  I am sure on Instagram I have used the quote before ‘find what you love and do that’ and I feel like that is precisely what I did this year so really no complaints from me!

Cycling shots
Cycling pics from activities in 2019

I have suffered again with my knee, I think I said last year I didn’t realise how long it would linger and I certainly was hoping I wouldn’t see a recurrence this year but sadly that was not the case.  It didn’t stop me just made me change course slightly and try some of that old practice what you preach mentality.

I spent a lot of time in Sweden and I truly love that country, with more planned for 2020.

My favourite events must be those from the Vatternrundan series and this year I completed:

And I can’t not include:

  • Ironman Jonkoping 70.3 – bike leg of the relay (56 miles), with my friend Gemma doing the swim and run, and our team ‘Don’t Be Shit’ came third in the relay!
Ironman 70.3 Jonkoping Relay Award
Medal and award from the Ironman 70.3 Jonkoping relay

There were many other events and I set myself a goal of completing 5,000 miles this year and I am not quite there yet with about 100 miles to go and I will get it – so close!

I also made it to the shortlist for finalists for both the Sundried and UK Blog Awards for Sport and Fitness, and whilst I did not win it was amazing to make the shortlist.

I have enjoyed supporting friends as they achieve big goals and also my husband who completed Half Marathon de Sables this year despite having primary lymphedema in his left leg.

We have finished 2019 with a new camper van and with that comes so much opportunity for travels and adventure so definitely watch this space!

Van life
T5 VW Camper Van

2020 will almost certainly have more bike involved and I am pleased to start another year as a Foher ambassador.

Whatever you have done and achieved in 2019 well done and best of luck for the coming year also.


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