Entry 167 – I’m a This Girl Can Essex Ambassador!

I am so pleased to announce that in conjunction with Active Essex I am now a This Girl Can Essex Ambassador!  I was previously an official partner with the campaign and now I will be getting more involved and I am truly excited about this.

You may have seen the adverts on TV for the This Girl Can campaign. I can personally say that the campaign absolutely resonates with me and tells my story so far, this is the reason I am so excited to get more involved.

The whole campaign around This Girl Can is to celebrate and inspire women, whilst encouraging them to get out and be more active.

This_Girl_Can_Logo-300x300I’ve been on my journey since 2015 and you will have seen all of my instagram and twitter posts with the hashtag #thisgirlcan because I am #thisgirlcan. I’m not the stereotype and I’m pleased about that.  Let’s ditch the stereotypes!

I recently had a Facebook memory of a status saying I was waiting for my husband and friend to finish an obstacle run and that I thought he was crazy running through mud and water and rather him than me.  How things have changed as I am now doing those runs myself and I love them – I have so many photos covered in mud with the biggest smile on my face.  I have fun with everything I do and my training and events are now part of my life and I love it and I share it with so many people and so can you.

I am still on my journey and have been so fortunate to find myself surrounded by fellow members of local cycling, running, triathlon clubs (Romford CC, Havering ’90 Joggers and Havering Tri) and in obstacle running (Nuclear RacesPT Barn and Mudd Queens) who I am now proud to call friends.  These are people that can cycle, run and complete activities much quicker and better than me but I’m still doing it and they have been happy to help me on my journey.  In turn, through my blog, I’ve met many people that I have been able to help and that’s an amazing feeling.  Everyone has to start at the beginning, all challenges are different but none more important than others as it’s about your personal journey and achievements.

It doesn’t matter what size you are, you are still doing it.

It doesn’t matter if you run at a quicker or slower pace – the distance covered is still the same.

It doesn’t matter about any of the stereotypes at all, it’s all inclusive.

It’s about encouraging others.

It’s about empowering each other.

It’s about lifting and building each other up.

It’s about positivity.

I have some exciting plans to get more women involved in some of the activities that I do so watch this space and get in touch if you would like to get involved.



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