Round Up of 2017

It’s that time of year again when I can look back and see what I got up to and take some time to reflect on what I have accomplished.  I, like many others, set goals at the beginning of the year and life always chucks some hurdles in that change the direction you are heading.  It is easy to get disheartened when this happens and I have been guilty of this after suffering an injury in September BUT when I look back I can also say I am proud of what I have achieved too.


At the beginning of this year I set out some goals in a blog post and whilst writing this took some time to reflect on them.  These are what I listed as goals:

  • Not be so scared of the weights section of the gym and with the help of a good friend of mine I spend more time in that area of the gym than any other and actually really enjoy it so long may that continue.
  • Reach my goal weight OR be comfortable with my body shape.  I really wanted this but that did not happen and in fact after an injury and putting weight on I managed to lose that and some more but there is still a lot to go.  I am not letting this get to me and I am more determined than ever.  I am also trying to not take too much notice of that number on the scale and instead have started taking measurements – with the sort of training I am doing there are changes that won’t show on a set of scales alone but that does not mean progress is not being made.
  • Take part in all the Nuclear events and earn my Mudallion medal.  I completed all the events run by Nuclear this year and my Mudallion was worn with pride.
  • Complete the Vatternrundan 186 mile cycle ride in Sweden.  This was my main event this year and I cannot recommend it enough – beautiful country, beautiful scenery, beautiful people and beautiful bike ride with amazing friends – seeing the sunset and sunrise during this event was stunning.  I will do this one again in the future for sure.
  • Get through a week at the La Santa training camp in Lanzarote and not die on a mountain somewhere.  I am writing this post so clearly managed to not die, I also got up all the climbs and even took part, as a relay, in my first triathlon.
  • Enjoy myself – always do.
  • Smile – my event photos this year have beaming smiles in each and much fun was had.


As I travelled with my husband for his events I have taken my bike and got my training in by cycling the bike course of his triathlons meaning I have experienced this in various countries.


I have surrounded myself with positive people and that is such a mental boost – I believe in them, they believe in me, positivity is contagious and inspiring.


And although I finish 2017 with a knee injury I am working on strengthening that and so my goals changed slightly and means some of those for next year will do the same.  My priorities will be to recover from that injury properly and build up the confidence I have lost as a consequence – I have started on this already and want to say a huge thank you to some who have been massively helpful in this respect even if they do not realise it and they are my friend Emma, Tracey from Nuclear especially with the Wild Forest ladies classes, Scotty from The PT Barn who is just awesome and I will look forward to visiting his new location for some sessions that I am sure will help me even more, my cycle club Romford CC, all the fab people from Havering Tri and last but by no means least my husband.

I have many events planned for 2018 already so watch this space….


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