Christmas Gift List Ideas

Being in a second lockdown I don’t know if you are like me but I love an excuse to shop online and not have to go out to the shops!

I think I will struggle a little this year thinking of thoughtful gifts for people as most of us have had such a jumbled year with everything that is going on. But, if you are a keen cyclist, like me, then here are some ideas for gift ideas to suit all budgets:

  1. Kettleboob resistant band for strength workouts – definite gains to be had from strength and conditioning sessions off the bike. £14.99
  2. NRG waxed chains – turn those waxed chains into extra watts! Full disclosure this company is owned by friends of mine but they know their stuff and I am a paying customer supporting their small business and have these chains not just on my road bikes but now also my MTB. Prices for chains range from £35 to £60 and other packages available too.
  3. AMWRAP fun fitness gifts – so many options from small gifts to clothing but I can personally recommend the Fuck Burpees jumper, because who likes burpees?!
  4. Spoke and Solace – cycle related clothing for men and women with the pink Giro jumper being one of my favourites, £48!
  5. Love Velo CC – more cycle clothing designed by the lovely Lucy Sturgess and a brand close to my heart promoting equality in cycling. I have many of their tshirts but I think my favourite is the Here For The Cake tee because we all love a good cake stop on a ride right!
  6. GCN Endurance book – new book from GCN by Mark Beaumont who is a long distance cyclist who currently holds the record for cycling round the world. This book gives guidance on all cycling aspects in relation to endurance riding. £16.99
  7. Jens Cycling Art – have you done an event or cycled a famous route and want some art to hang in memory of that? If so then check out the prints available from Jen that start from £25.
  8. BioRacer Winter Cycling Cap – they do say there is no such thing as bad weather just bad kit choices and with this winter cap you can’t go wrong. Thermal cap that covers not just the head but also the ears and part of the neck is a definite winner in my books. £45
  9. VeloPac – I have one of these following a recommendation from a friend and they are fab! Neat little case that is waterproof and holds phone, money/cards, keys to hold your essentials when cycling. From £20 on Velo Vixen.
  10. Dynamic Cyclist subscription – your one stop shop for classes/sessions/training available online or using the app for not just on the bike but also off the bike including stretching, mobility, yoga, strength, injury programming and more. $9.99 per month.

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